How To Select a Good Brand of Resveratrol

There are hundreds of online options and many drug stores like Walgreen’s, CVS, and others that carry resveratrol. The trick is finding a brand or supplement that really has a viable pure and high potency product in the bottle.

Resveratrol can be purchased in many different doses and purities. The most common forms of resveratrol supplements that are available in the US are made with extracts of the root of Polygonum cuspidatum, also known as Japanese Knotweed, Hu Zhang or kojo-kon.

Other resveratrol supplements are made with red wine extracts and red grape extracts. There is no health benefit to those resveratrol supplements made with red wine versus the Knotweed, what matters is that the product is pure trans-resveratrol.

Trans-Resveratrol vs Cis-Resveratrol

There are two types of resveratrol – trans and cis. They are both found naturally, however Trans-Resveratrol is the beneficial substance. Cis-resveratrol has no benefits. The higher the purity of resveratrol, the higher the amount of trans-resveratrol in the supplement.

The ingredient Resveratrol-99 contains 99 percent of pure trans-resveratrol, while resveratrol-50 contains only 50 percent of trans-resveratrol and another 50 percent of natural plant parts that have no health benefits. It is important to note that often this 50 percent of natural plant parts will include cis-resveratrol and natural emodin, which can work as a laxative for some individuals.

The appearance of the encapsulated resveratrol varies greatly if it is pure trans-resveratrol. The pure trans-resveratrol is white, and has no odor. The product with cis-resveratrol will generally be darker in color and have an odor.

As the popularity of resveratrol supplements increases, many companies offer a resveratrol product, and a lot of those products contain cis-resveratrol or a mixture of the two.

Buying Resveratrol

Consumers need to be aware when they are purchasing resveratrol. Don’t believe statements like “Pure Resveratrol”, “Extra strength”, “Highest Purity”, “Super Potent”, or “100% Pure Resveratrol.” The broad name of resveratrol can be used to describe supplements that come in various purities including: 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 99%, etc. The most beneficial substance in resveratrol is trans-resveratrol, and any supplement you buy should clearly state on the ingredient label that it is trans-resveratrol.

It is important to read product labels and determine the exact amount of trans-resveratrol claimed by the manufacturer. The acceptable minimum is 99%. Take it to the next level and ask to see the purity certification.

Comparing the Price

Once you’ve found several brands that offer pure trans-resveratrol you can compare the prices by looking at the weight of one serving and the amount, by percent or weight, of the trans-resveratrol provided. You are looking for the price per gram of the product.

To figure out the total product weight, multiply the number of capsules by the mg amount for each.

For example, if a bottle of resveratrol 99% contains 60 capsules of 500 mg and is sold at $57.00, the per-gram price would be $1.90. (60×500 mg=30,000 mg. 30,000 mg=30 Grams. $57.00/30=$1.90 per gram)


Now you can purchase resveratrol supplements with confidence. Just remember to look at the label, make sure they are selling pure trans-reservatrol, and then figure the cost per gram so you can compare with like products.


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