Red Wines That are High in Resveratrol

Since Resveratrol is found naturally in the grape skin, seeds, and even in the root and stalk of the grape plant it is naturally found in wine.

The amount of resveratrol in the wine depends on what type of grape it is made from, the region the grapes were grown, and if the grape has been exposed to any fungal infection.

Red, purple, or “black” grapes contain the most resveratrol.

The amount of resveratrol in each glass of wine can vary dependent on all the reasons stated above and the content further depends on the fermentation time.

This means that the level of resveratrol will also vary depending on the amount of time the grape skins and seeds spend in contact with the fermenting wine. The more time the wine is in contact with the grape skin and seeds, the higher the resveratrol level.

A 5-ounce glass of red wine can contain between 0.30 and 1.07 mg of resveratrol, depending on the type of grape and the fermentation process used to make the specific type of wine.

Red Wines That Are High in Resveratrol

Any wine made with Muscadine grapes will contain the highest levels of Resveratrol found in wine. The thick skins of the Muscadine grapes have over six times the amount of Resveratrol that is found in other red or purple grapes.

These wines may be hard to find as Muscadines or Vitis rotundifolia are native to the southeastern United States with a range that extends from New York south to Florida, and west to Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. They may be available online from small vintners. Duplin Winery’s Hatteras Red is a traditional southern Muscadine red from the small North Carolina winery.

Second to the Muscadine grape is the Pinot Noir, grown in the Burgundy area of Europe. The resveratrol levels are high in this type of grape because the grape plant thrives in a damp, humid climate. While you can find Pinot Noir in other regions like California and Australia, the original cultivar from Burgundy has a higher content of resveratrol as it is the best at fighting fungal growth. These wines are plentiful and range in price from $10 a bottle to over $1000 a bottle. Pinot Noir red wine from Hungary often contains 30 mg/L and higher of Resveratrol.

Port wine, even though it is generally a deep red in color, has had the fermentation stopped by the use of brandy during the making of the wine. Resveratrol levels are lower in port wine, while sugar levels are higher.

The Linus Pauling Institute, Micronutrient Research for Optimum Health at Oregon State University has charted the Resveratrol content of wines:

Total Resveratrol Content of Wines
BeverageTotal Resveratrol (mg/liter)Total Resveratrol in 5oz Glass (mg)
White Wines (Spanish)0.05  –  1.800.01 - 0.27
Rose Wines (Spanish)0.43  –  3.520.06  -  0.53
Red Wines (Spanish)1.92  -  12.590.29  - 1.89
Red Wines (Global)1.98  -  7.130.30  - 1.07



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